Monday, December 12, 2005

Level Crisis

One of the most important thing in construction is level.

during last two weeks we have been battling with the maincon about this issue. the maincon always pressure us about work progress. why there is no excavator, why there's no engineer working today, heck they even ask one of us to sit on the bulldozer, just to look busy.

when i asked about level, they heard 'labour', and so that question backfired me. it seems i need someone who can really speak their language to make them understand the main problem occuring here.

so here comes my project manager.

he also failed to convinced the maincon that the level is not as per stated in drawing. they demand to start excavation. and so we did...

until they saw what happen. the actual spot they asked to excavate is actually lower than the formation design level. it requires at least 100+ m3 of earth to fill that area, if they insist on constructing without asking the consultant opinion first. so here i can see a free korean drama who still don't want to hear our opinion after all we have done to save them.. and the project.

lesson(S) today
1. always ask for SIGNED comfirmation on every data u required
2. always hear opinion from anybody on the site, hearing and agreeing is two very different thing, and hearing often saves you
3. never look down on people who are in the lower tier, and don't be afraid to those above you, after all they still human

ok tu je.. lama tak tulis english. lama dok sini makin berkarat english aku... ilal liqa'''
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