Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Freelance Story : "Bertapa"

"bertapa" (pronounce bird-tha-pah) is an usual custom for ancient malay warriors when they need to rest, recalculate their strenght or weaknesses or even gain some wisdom from nature or other sources, sort of meditation but done in very remote and unique place, usually they only eat 'bertih' (imagine pop-corn but not that delicous) during the session which last about 1 purnama (3 months i think)

so what that's all about? well i submitted my latest work last week to my boss at his office, but he just flipped thru and keep it in his bag. well, that's not his style, he usually commented or just point out some mistakes (or improvements..yeay!) of my work. but not this time.

than after a long chat with him, i managed to divert the topic to my latest work. with a long face he said... " u r not concentrating on your work this time, u just rush for the deadline and put aside the quality, i wished to see some improvement after ur last submission, but then, i get a very degrading work from u, maybe u r busy with ur new job, but u must improve somehow.. if u want to success in this field..."

after a long thought (and comparing my work with others), i soon realize he is right. i kinda lost my way now. so in order to make some improvement, i requested a 2 months break of submission, probably i will start again next year. then he ask why need a break?

"i need to bertapa at my homeland boss, wish me luck!" and then boss smiled..
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