Wednesday, November 10, 2004

5 Important Skills in Work (especially Tech Industry)

Like usual, my boss give us some lectures at 900 sharp. tho today is the last day of work before Raya, he still gives the lectures.. in a more 'harmonic' mood. the speech gone for about 1++ hours.. but what really comes in my mind is this..

the 5 main skills to excel in the technical industry. i think it affects both individually and the whole company, so here it is...

1. Basic Fundamental Skills/Knowledge
Most freshgraduate have this, it's rating can be seen on the main results, but it doesn't show working quality, yet. so students, gain your skill n knowledge as much as possible..!

2. Company's Requirement Knowledge
U got it during training periods, like the ISO procedures, company procedures, office skills (?), your work scope skills, etc etc. sometimes, its up to u to learn more than what u should know, be iniative..

3. Client Requirement Knowledge
When dealing with various clients, they all have set their own standard on products. so in order to understand that, u have to learn about their specs and quality. u always find something new when dealing with them, especially multinational overseas company

4. Managerial Skill
it is more about making decisions on wise judgement (maybe there is more, but i'll add later) for basics, like time management and work management, u will get gradually during working. for more critical positions, it require experience to handle it, no book on earth can make u a good manager, but an experience will

5. Business Skill
althought some techies don't prefer this skill, but it is the main core heart of every industry, even Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said 9 out of 10 fortune is come from business. if no money, u can't even sell a nail. so learn about this skill and gain more knowledge (and contacts, thats the one of important aspect) through your work experience.. never let yourself be a robot forever.

that's it.. mungkin ada lagi, tapi tu je yg bos aku cakap buat kali ni. hmm makes working more fun don't you think? you want to add or whatever.. feel free to us the msg box :)
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