Saturday, October 02, 2004

Work.. Work...

this is the Amine Stripper for Ethlyene Malaysia Bhd. fabricated at AMB Gebeng and flagged off last Tuesday. didn't remember seeing any reporter during that simple ceremony, guess our small company has its own paparazzi.. ahaha..

Just come back from a TechnoComm (technical and commercial meeting) at Teluk Ramunia, Johor. During the tech session, i almost dozed off because my mind were getting exhausted translating all those unknown jargons, shortforms and terms they used. by briefly referring the tech drawing in my head (my boss and senior got the drawing in thier file, while i didn't), i used all my imaginary power to visualize the parts they are discussing.. almost lost ..until i felt they were not speaking any human languange.. perhaps Orcish or Elvish language with the 'Ganu twist. the commercial session.. well .. u can imagine your mother bargaining over a kain ela for this raya, then i won't say anymore.. let your imagination fly..

Along the Mersing-Kuantan road i saw many Bina Semangat camps, which is targeted to the.. oh well.. MAlay youth. but to be frank.. i always feel that these 'bina semangat' programme is sort of like Livita. u drink, u got sudden boost of energy for certain period, after that you wear off and become like what you were before. without continuation or istiqamah, anything can't be achieved even though it is a good, well prepared, and proven. damn.. Livita is getting pricy these days..

So in the last edition of Kreko we saw the end of Joker.. my favorite manga..sigh.. but now it was replaced with... CHOCOLAT 2! yeah... shigo rulezz! kreko is getting better and better (compared to Starz.. that is..heh)

to all my juniors... good luck in your finals. like they say .. "kalo makin blur baca maknanya ilmu tgh install, kalo boring stadi maknanya dah makin tera" just a quik motivation

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