Sunday, October 03, 2004

STARZ and their stupidity.. again..

i took the liberty of putting some minimal covers on that manga chick, althought it is still not suitable image for Ramadhan eve.. those stupid insensitive editors..

just bought STARZ yesterday. its become my habit to read my favorite part first and then browsing thoroughly. well... this is one stupid, insensitive, bangsat, bodoh, tak pakai otak, punya grafik. what the hell those muslim they hired at the graphic department doing? are they become retarded after wathcing hentai marathon? or they artist become so0o insensitive after getting high paid? or just incapable of drawing a proper dressing for that page? Aie can't draw awek with hijab? what the hell is going on with these people? are you guys promoting the "puasa lapar dahaga" only?

Damn.. i do hope some people with authority is going to do something about this. if not, the so called islam hadhari will become a joke forever... na'uzubillah...
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