Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Value of Weekends

during those student days, weekends are considered the time to get out of the campus, go anywhere, whether to the nature or the biggest shopping complex you can get or even the nearest town. it is the best time to venture to where you haven't gone before and got lost, to find best places for certain things.. or even just wasting your fuel.

but now.. things are.. almost changing. the weekends is the best time to hibernate.
yeah.. it is considered waste of good time, but now.. it is the best way since you got all exhausted during weekdays..

of course it comes with a cost.. my social life have gone down on a very low scale, aside from the officemates and the loco mamak store keeper, i haven't communicate with somebody else.. sigh.. this has to change... need something to revitalize my lifeforce.. tongkat ali? heh.. too early for me.. me thinks.. what d0 y0u think?

Must click link...
Comics that occupies my head during free times.. (like now)
- McHall Comics
- Megatokyo Doujinshi(?)
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