Wednesday, October 06, 2004


my little chat with my uni classmate.. who's working in a consultant firm somewhere in KL..

X: So how's work?
Me: It's kinda ok, thought this is none related to our field
Me: How's your new work?
X: The place sucks, takes long time to travel, my wages wasted on the road just like that
Me: really? how's the people n boss?
X: I'm the only malay there, da boss won't let me solat in the office area
Me: Really? why is that?
X: he said it will ruin the Feng Shui
Me: What? To hell with that! stupid racist boss!
X: yeah.. though he can consider a bumi in that company, but you just can imagine how they treat us..
Me: Get out of there! report to someone!
X: dunno yet, they will send me to some courses.. i'm in a dilemma now.. its hard to get this position y'know...

Ok, if i in that situation, i will look for other places for solat. but.. to think that "SOLAT CAN RUIN THE FENG SHUI" is absurd.. ridiculus ..stupid .. racist excuse! can't you think of any acceptable reason? come on.. we all have our own values, rights,obligation and so on. please respect each other, even though you are in the superior position doesn't mean that you can do shit to others..

we tolerate enough in history.. come on YBs or UMNO.. do something.. sigh.. our own so called promising youth are getting opressed by ways that you guys think its our own fault. Islam are being played around, Malays are being boxed... wonder what happens next ...
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