Monday, August 23, 2004

Reverse Bullet Time

Bullet time? yeah if you ever watch John Woo films or the Matrix trilogy or played (or watched) Max Payne games, you'll familliar with this term. it is a situation when you felt you moved ultra faster that everything around you moves slowly but you move just like normal, makes dodging bullet easier than dodging incoming ball. well what about 'reverse bullet time'? oh well, i dunno if this terminology is right but kinda everything around you moves faster than usual but you moves like in slow motion. are you with me? ok nevermind, just trying to explain how i felt this weekend.

i felt i took an extra time doing everything, 1 whole day for a 1 page toning, 2 hours just to edit the css code of this blog, a quick nap felt like a long night sleep, eating lunch or dinner felt longer than usual.. i really need some time of this for a while. maybe some travelling would cure me up no?

gee.. just typing 2 paragraphs took me 2 hours... i'm getting slower each day..
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