Monday, August 09, 2004

Rest Kejap

Alhamdulillah tiba ke pahang dgn selamatnya Ahad lepas. macam banyak je mende nak tulis (berkait dgn konvo la apa lagi), soo many people to thank, soo much story to write, but then, i need to relocate myself, back to reality. need to plan ahead, since days passed aren't coming back, and the feeling of relaxing makes me restless, like there's something i missed, something i lost for the time being. soo much promises, soo much oppoturnity, soo many paths with bright futures, yet i'm open to any lies, betrayal and deceits, and even succumb to the dark path. hope Allah will guide me through this uncertainity, and keep me in the siratul mustaqim... wallahualam..

even when writing this entry, i'm uncertain whether to wrote it in english or malay, sigh..
Konvo and pergh gath pics will be uploaded later.. need to relocate all my stored images at a good place, any suggestion?

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