Friday, April 09, 2004


if u are/were a Sek. Agama student, u will be familliar with these dialouges..
"What? 9A in PMR? can laa.. he's from Sek. Agama, he got good brains and bright heart (terang hati, which means he got a direct guidance from god.. sortof)
"wauu.. u take SPM and SMA in the same year? that's 20 subject! well u r from sek agama, that's normal..."
"he's very talented, he can give public speech, he can play soccer well, and he got a cute face, that's typical of that school (sek agama)"..
"he knows how to conduct the ceremony (kenduri doa selamat, etc etc), well that's normal for a sek. agama kids"
"that kid go debate for the nationals! thats obvious becoz he's a sek. agama..."

how about this?
"what? u smoke? u r from sek. agama u know? u shouldn't do that!"
"oh u dunno how to properly slaughter this chiken? wonder what u learn at that pondok (another name for sek. agama)"

and the latest..
"what? sek. agama students belasah that kid to death? what a shame!"

seems like we, the sek. agama students, was seen like a specially talented selected students, who have certain traits and skills above the other school. and all of us got the divine image that it is rare to see any of us buat jahat...

wake up to reality...

we are just like any other student. any kids are prone to bad influence, the old saying of "setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga" is not for jokes. they have forseen this, but their kids took it lightly. i admit some of us a really2 talented, and have good resistance againts those influence. but how about the mediocore or the most easily influenced?

some parents think sek agama as a rehabilitation center. their son are so spoiled they hope the ustaz will put some magic water to turn their son to the light side. it is not easy to make 'em good. there's one hadis that says, "the heaven is surrounded by all that u hate, and the hell is surrounded by all that u like"(ref. hadis qudsi for more details), and it just created that the things we like or love are bad things..which is driven by Nafsu.

all i want to say is, if u really want sek agama to be like they should be, hear them, give them what they want. i really tired of hearing this school don't have enuff teacher, lack of latest facility, this school doesn't even know what is internet, this school still using the world war 2 infrastructure, this school never invited for the kementerian's activity and so on..

like any other kids, they want to perform and excel in fields they like. but most of them never got a chance. while other kids are happily studying,joining activities and having fun, all the SMA & SMKA students are SURVIVING at their studies, no matter how bad or ugly, we will SURVIVE.

and that's the way the world is.. my brothers and sisters...
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