Thursday, April 08, 2004


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being a n00b at forumming, i just wonder what's wrong with some people sometimes. you know forumming is just like any other social medium, one place is not the same as the other. so if u are a huha type of person and like to create stupid things they called 'havoc' in a dakwah forum, prepare to be banned from it.

what ticks me for the moment, is some dude is posting an idea for a so-called great story for a ah-so-great-he-said comic. i know that we could discuss anything serious or just joking, but he seems to play with our akidah, our core belief in islam. and he did it in the name of dakwah.

it's not like i'm a conservative thinker, but please, i dont want a comic book about the life of Izrael, or maybe how does Mikael gave the rezki's (fortunes) to all the living things in the world. some things are not to be drawn, because it goes beyond our small imagination, u can say i drew this from my imagination, but what u draw is the combination of reference of things that u see around u, and Satan could twist ur imagination easily if u r not well equipped with the right knowledge.

i think that's why some says drawing is haram in Islam. yes, Haram if u draw a forbidden subject for a wrong purpose.

if its dakwah, there are many other ways to tell a story of dakwah. but please, refrain from playing the unseen world (Alam Ghaib) or the day of Judgement (Hari Kiamat).

just think hard, plan the base storyline, the plots, and post ur idea. i have no time to read this and that idea and suddenly u said "oh i just typed this without thinking, just playing2 lah, is it ok?" kinda like u r baiting for a brilliant idea by posting a rotten idea.. (i'm not saying my idea is good, but i'll try my best not to make it rotten tho)

that pissed me off..
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