Thursday, March 18, 2004

Temerloh Development?

last year i remembered when i got home, if i got nothing to do, i just do the house chores, and after that watched TV till afternoon at the livingroom.

now.. just forget it

the main road upgrade are commencing just few meters from the back of my house. i can tolerate constuction works detours, roadblocks, lorry ques as long (things that makes ur life harder becoz of construction works) as long it is at the acceptable rate.

now, in the name of development, they just double it.

the road upgrade isn't finished yet, and as i was informed, it is delayed because of some beraucrate thingy. now, they begun a housing development just in front of my house. expect lorry ques, machine roars, people shot or anything at the front of my house. those stupid developers should know something about 'preserving the peacefullness' of a taman perumahan. at least they put the tall gates that prevent the site pollutions to go everywhere in town, or they just ignored it.

yup, there's no dato's or tan sris living here, so why should they care if they ever disturbed the peace of this place....

who's to blame? the greedy one, of course.
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