Monday, March 15, 2004

Hibernation Day

yesterday i couldn't sleep after the night snack. so instead of surfing, i watched TV till subuh, first Nickelodeon, then Disney Channel, then CArtoon Network, and it goes rotating on and on (a few minutes break for Subuh), and continued until i waked up in the evening. all i remember is i watched 'My little Mermaid' before everything went dark (i wonder why i can't accept Disney Cartoon lately?)

one of the most hillarious cartoon is, aside from Squarehead Spongebob, is the stupid Action Leage..NOW! (well the title goes like that, the 'now' word coming later)

it is about 4 heroes fighting for justice. the creative part is instead of using normal cell animated or CG, they used real old action figures and some stop motion for special effects. heck, there is a lot of violence in this toon (heroes getting limbs chopped off, shredded in blender machine, boiled in sup bowl.. etc etc). it doesn't potray the usual heroic stuff, instead it shows what chaos can a bunch of stupid superheroes can make.. well see it for ur self

this is meltman, one of the 4 heroes in the series

the flesh, one of the heroes that promotes nudity.. hahahaha

think gonna watch some more of this stupid cartoons, no wonder the younger generations IS getting more intelligent, BuT their wisdom IS degrading..
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