Sunday, March 14, 2004

a lot of things happened today, let me recall first.. ok here goes

Act 1
Went to the school for a silat session, i decided to take the shortest way, which is through the town. but there goes the roadblock, the entire centre town is closed for traffic, and to make it worst, on the way to the town is packed with the Party supporters. yup its good for the spirit of the party, but please, even if u a wearing the Unchallenged Party's Uniform, that doesn't mean u aren't going to be unhurt if i hit u with my car. What? the uniform got +8 defence and immune to physical attacks? get real. i don't care which party u r on, but if please take care of urself, the road, yeah it is built by the gov, but doesn't mean that u can do anything u like on it.

Act 2
Afternoon. finally i decided to go home and take some rest before lunch. but... a less than 5 minutes ride home become a half and hour ride, because of traffic congestion in the town centre. i can finish half of the latest issue of pedang setiawan while driving back home, imagine that slow. moreover, the town's people here are seldom got into jams, they were a bit impatient and made 1 lane become 3 lane road. well.. it's the grand election, what can i say about it

Act 3
Night.aa early morning. Just wanna hang out with the silat guys, so i went to the townside where they were having some late night snack. there is the Markas Pilihanraya nearby, where they are busy putting posters. etc etc. what's 'bengang' me is the so-called party members, dah le pandang serong kat orang, moreover, tak bagi org nak lalu kat depan markas diorang, bila bertembung, kite kena bagi jalan, padahal space dia lagi besar, konsider la skit kawan. and u expect us to support u? small things like this make people change their mind.. don't u think?

hmm enuff for now, my grammer is getting jumbled, and i felt nauseaus, maybe its the after effects of heavy traffic jam of smalltown :). see u later.. and.. if u have astro, u r lucky, if u r not, plz get it now, or buy stock of dvds. this week all the tv stations is on the campaign too, no matter how 'neutral' they said they are..

may Allah bless and protect those who are fighting for justice with sincere heart for Sabillillah.. amin...
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