Friday, March 12, 2004

Alhamdulillah, it's been a week. yeah home sweet home, no matter how good the campus is, full of facilities, have a gym and indoor games court (like i ever used it), cheap food (but some of it are poisonous, hehehe), free internet (yeah right, my mom's old 1994's 3.1++kbs modem is A LOT faster), circle of friends (well most of 'em had already gone home) and good administration people (ermm.. don wanna comment this..heh).... nothing beats a relaxing atmosphere at home, even if u r working here cheap and hard (i think cheap is right, but hard is over-phrased). nothing exicting yet happening this week, and i'm almost memorized the Astro programmes for the week.. such a waste of a beautiful skill eh?

nothing yet to write, of for those blog No0bs, i'd like to say, happy bloggin' and if u got spare time, plz update ur design. u r not doin any FYP now dear :P...


Just finished setting up a new team blog.. Cendol Art Dump . just a showcase of scribbles of mine and kip (due), a freind from school. go there and Kutuk all those arts there, make us make better arts everyday..yeahh.. long live CendOl TeaM!

seems like the trend of blogging is all over the graduated people of USM sawit. found some of them, which is really cute i guess. well done, hope ur blogging doesn't die as fast as u cook ur megi during exam times :D.
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