Thursday, March 11, 2004

got up in the morning, yeah after the main chores (solat, bath etc..), and then, i picked the newspaper on the table, well, just like any other election season, papers now full of this ... news? should i call it crap and i'll be labelled an ignorant, a malaysian citizen who cares nothing to his homeland? should i call it full of propaganda and ended myself somewhere i don't want to be? well.. it is news all right

the rain that i thought is going to cool off temerloh's soil, is the same rain that flooded the southern part of malaysia. maybe that's is what they called another man's meat is another man's poison, who ever thought the same rain can be a catastrophe to other places. that is qada' and qadr...

no exciting news yet, just the same routine everyday... (missed my student life)
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