Sunday, February 08, 2004

.: After the storm, here comes the Flo0d :.

well, thats breifly describe what we, the final year civil engineering student face for the last week before the final exams. right after the project's presentation, it was calm, no assignments given, no test heard, but near the end of the week, we were bombarded with assignments, deadlines and tests, not to mention convo fees, dinner fees and report cover fees. for structure students, we got Adina (sort of design analysis software), dynamic and Matrix assignments and test, furthermore we have to finish the pre cast beam design in a week, the week where assignments tests and deadline were there.... gee.. i think this is what they called final year pressure..

hmm not latest work for the week. guess i'll be using my engineering traits for the month and let my artistic side relax for a while.
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