Sunday, February 01, 2004


Salam Aidil Adha to all my friends!

this year is the 4th year in a row i celebrated Hari Raya Korban at campus. i remember clearly why is don't go home like any other student during this hari raya..

1st year .. the day after the hari raya is my Concrete Technology Final Exam
2nd year .. Hari Raya falls in the study week, and the 1st paper is not more than a week ahead
3rd year .. Struggling with structure design, and after that the exams
4th year .. struggiling with design assignments, at the tests in the next week. moreover the exam is just a couple of weeks ahead

i think that's all. for those who have their parents/relatives going to mecca for hajj, always doa for their safety during the ibadah and return. till next time, wassalam..

nothing to do with Aidul Adha, just some random doodle with PShop.
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