Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Finally.. it's over..

Alhamdulillah, finally iv'e gone thru the final paper of my final semester, actually it was last Friday, but then i got busy at celebrating, wasting time, playing, oh ya, and 'qada tidur', (paying the sleeping debts during the sleepless night of study week). then got a unsuspected migrain (what a relief, it came after my finals.. huh).

so how was it? did i really become an engineer (or more specifically, civil engineer)? to tell you the truth, i don't really think i can become one yet. it takes more than just some class theory and lab practical to be a succesfull engineer. one has to go through a lot to gain some experience as some technical data, design technique or even decision making are learnt on the field, not in the class

well.. i think everybody know that.

right know i'm waiting for some offer letter from companies that i've applied and went to their interviews. if i didn't make any of it, i'm planning to work at my hometown first, getting some site experience.

i think thats all for now. doa for my good career startout.. amin..!

just another sketch for the day, goin for realism :) maybe got to do a lot of research this time.
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