Friday, January 30, 2004

Alhamdulillah... finally final year project nightmare is over. last wednesday evening my presentation completed my requirement for the FYP, so now i'll have to wait for my supervisor to comment my drafta and make some corrections. after that, between me and graduation, is the final exams... [cold chilling aura felt around me..]

now i got some time to progress my project. first, 'sang petanda', i'm going to start sketching the main characters, and on sunday i'll get the script from wanzu [yeah, going to beraya at his house too!]. 2nd project is Zinnirah, more to a text illustration rather than comic, collaboration work with a pergh/alwan forum
member. 3rd is doing some coloring with skynet. yeah hope everything goes well for these projects.

some thoughts about presentation:
like my tutor said (althought many people disagree with him, but i personally some of his points) to present an idea of engineering field, u can do 2 things, to make the presentation as simple and easy as possible, or u can make it complex as possible, both ways you can prevent the q's from audience. if u fall into the middle category, then prepare to be drowned by flood of questions. well that's just theory (or a joke?) from an experienced talkperson. feel free to comment his view.

my presentation, well like others, fell almost into the 2nd category. well it's not very complex, but i think i've been too nervous a spoiled the details of my report. but the lecturers seem to be happy when i brought some site samples to them (some geogrids and some site progress pics). dunno how they rate me (think i'm goin to meet kak cha tomorrow lah)

think that's all for now. may Allah bless u :)

::Site VisitS:: (Wow.. i think i'm going into the career anxiety too much it effects my blog)
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