Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Alhamdulillah.. Happy 24th birthday to me. and thanx a lot for those who remembered it, whether u r my classmate, close friends, pergh.com friends and friends from whatever you come from. birthday wish? well, i hope i can do a lot of things a lot better than the last time. may Allah guide me always..

this week is the presentation week for the Civil Eng Final Year Student, i got my turn on the evening of Wednesday, which is the second day of the event. we got 15 minutes to present and answer any question regarding our project. hope for the best then.

here's my latest work for this week. managed to finish my powerpoint yesterday, just need sometime to put some animation, timing and whatsoever things to make it more attractive.

1st i just draw this for the anatomy study thread in pergh.com, then i got a good mood to color it. so here it is.. using PShop CS.

hmm.. my blogging skill are becoming rusty, probably because of the pressure mounting on the eve of VIVa (Final year project Presentation)...ermm think i goin to check back my presentation. wish me luck!
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