Tuesday, December 30, 2003


wow.. it's nearly a month since i last wrote here. well too much exciting things happened, but since after that i got hellufva assignments, tests and reports due, i didn't have the luxury of time to write down all of it. ok for now, i'm goin to pack things in weekly basis.. here goes. all the picture can be seen here..
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week 6 [15-21 Disember 2003]
this weekend there is a grand [or so they claim] event, KArnival Lembaran 2003. well the promotional are grand, with plastic posters everywhere in the campus. but what about the event itself? to say pathethic is a heavy word, but i rather put it far below my expactations, the stalls aren't doin any go0d becoz lack of people came, they only hope for the campus residents, which on the same time gone back to kampung... well u can imagine how thats gonna be right? then i'm anticipated the MOY cartoon workshop, which i invited hairi to join me attend this event. but then again, it turned to be the demo sketch and autograph session ONLY. not only the artist are reluctant to answer my q's about freelancing, seems like they only interested with the girls... well one event soothed my heart, the drawing contest. alhamdulillah my experiment with gfx pen + poster color goes pretty well, and managed to get third. good enuff for experimental i guess. :D

week 7 [22-28 Disember 2003]
this week hairi and me are goin to KL for the Comix Karnival Gempak 2003. arrived at Ubder's Studio at bandar tasik selatan at 24th. then we spend a lot of time discussing, learning and brainstorming [not to mention got motivation session] with UMbRa Crews, Ubder, Nurie, PanahArjuna, 0dows and Amin. we also got Mafia coming to submit his final artwork for umbra, he said he's goin to pursue for degree. wish him luck then.
and then we [0dows, hairi, ajwad and me] went to Sg Wang Plaza for the carnival. seems pretty grand, Gempak sure is strong now, and their fans are everywhere. we got to meet bro Aie [Aku dan Sesuatu], and managed to get autographs and pics. the best part was bro Aie had no prob to chat with us, and somehow got some motivation words from him. Aie is going to the international level with Aku dan Sesuatu will be goin to Indonesian [well sort of, just wait and see and doa for the best, go0d luck Abg Aie!]

a million thanx to the guys from Umbra and Alwan. i hope all of them succeeded on achieving their targets and objectives, which is not mainly on material factor. it is the idea that matters, not the wealth or fame. may Allah bless our efforts. amin

that's all for now i think. thanx for reading.
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