Wednesday, December 17, 2003

finally got some time to update this blog..

well nothing exciting going on last weekend. this month, probably because of x-mas, many long awaited games has been released, some of them are.. [my favourites]
- Star Wars : The Knight of The Old Republic [3d RPG]
- Deus Ex : Invisible War [FPS
- Need For Speed : Underground [Racing]

and then i just put my name for the drawing and coloring contest for KL '03 [KArnival Lembaran], which was the theme is ..'keindahan'. aiya... makes me think twice whether i'm goin to take this or just let it go. my skills with brush and paint are 'berkarat'..the last time i ever use a brush is when i'm in form 2. by that time i was just dreaming on doing my own colored comic. well, i managed to finish its cover [wonder where it is??].

what should i draw then? keindahan is a very, very very subjective, vast word that has thousand meanings. maybe i just draw their YDP and put some sexy girls around him.. a cheap way to win vote..hehehehe just joking.

this week, classes had been cancelled. the only class i have for this week is the operation research class. i hate it when they started to make xtra classes to mark up the class cancellation after the festive seasons. oh well.. just look and see..

Quote of the Day...
Melayu Takkan Hilang di Dunia, tetapi akan makin layu sehaja selagi dalam dirinya ada sifat MALAS....
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