Monday, January 05, 2004

As scheduled, the new year is celebrated with lots and lots of assignments, final year projects drafts, tests, quizzes and many other time consuming, head banging, brain crushing, psycological stressing and straining things they called academic activities. for me, whatever happens, i must finish my draft before 10th January, or i can only hope my supervisor got the time to view my works so far.

this week is the MKK (Minggu Kerjaya Kejuruteraan), sort of engineering career week. applied to attend some of the companies, while some of them only acquire CGPA 3.0 and above [bad news for regular students], some multinasional companies doesn't require specific academic achievement, but u dont really know how they test you. i only can push my luck and not to put on high hopes for it. well, rezki is everywhere, but effort is still in your hands.

till next time. tada..
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