Sunday, October 12, 2003

lack of interface with the real world

some sketch first, a practice with Wacom tablet. it has been a long time since i last used it.

today.. wasted my saturday with...

20% browsing the internet
40% playin Etherlords 2 [duelling with Cbay]
10% chatting nonsense about Games, Comic, Manga..etc
5% for other crucial things [solat, eat, bath..etc]
15% watching anime [from Naruto to Crying Freeman to PRince of Tennis]
another for chat thru MSn or reading manga..

it seems it has stop raining for 2 days. kinda like the storm come when we were fighting with our notes and textbo0ks, and when it's over, so did the storm. well the drain condition is much more worse in LEmbaran, no wonder they really2 pissed off about the ecodrain failure.

- i think i'm going to quit playing Temple of Elemental Evils. It so full of bugs, you can't differentiate which is the real script and which is the bug. it really2 kills the game. althought it brings up memories of the old AD&D [advanced dungeon & dragons] game, such as Death knight of krynn and Eye of the beholder, but until the official patch is out, better think
twice of playing it.

- half life 2 source code has been stolen. looks like an organized crime, from the articles i've read. i don't really care much about the codes, but since it can be manipulated to make cheats, yeah it kinda dissappointing. CounterStrike were already infested with cheats. that also kills the game.. the goddam cheaters. plz.. get a life, have fun while playing fair, not by pissing the community with those stupid cheats..sigh

- i've been duelling with cbay in Etherlords 2. we played the default selection decks, since we don't have time to custom it [yeah.. the real reason is, we don't really understand what to put yet]. seems like some of the decks are overpowered to the other. well guess i have to play more of it to understand the concept, not much use of writing now.

- the loads like snail. i'm writing a draft in the notepad before 12th october, but i can only post it the morning of 12th... come on blogger.. do something about ur server..[or is it the usm proxy which holds up the bandwith... dunno for sure yet]

-Go0D NEWS!!-

Wanzu.. the owner of, also the pergh active member and the person
behind the Dakwah Comic, Alwan.. is coming here. not surely when. but it seems like
this week. lo0k forward to see u wanzu! we'll do our best to promte 'Alwan' here..!

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