Monday, October 13, 2003


i'm not going to write much today. i'm trying to focus myself on what to do this semester break. so much to do. so little time. if there are 8 days per week, it won't solve anything.

::Teachers has the right to Cane Stubborn students...again::

just a parody of what going to happen in the future if the discipline is decreasing to the point of martial law has to be conducted in school..heh

just in time when students aren't respecting their teachers anymore. who's to blame? the school? the teachers? the parents? the children themselves? since my web is not intended for debating this topic, i'll leave this thing to people who know more than me to discuss it. but in my humble opinion.. parents should not pamper their children too much, it is the stupidest way of showing ur love to ur babies. use ur maturity and intelligence to know when to pamper and when to leave or make 'em learn something, becoz the simplest of things are the lesson for a lifetime.. enuff said


found this pic in my practical digiphoto album..

aaaaaW! isn't he cute. he is Akim, my anak sedara, my sister's 2nd son, arip's brother. well this pic is taken about 3 months ago, so i don't think he'll look like this anymore the next time i met him. gee.. children grow so fast...

atomickit will be back home in kl this afterno0n. wanzu will be here this evening. hope it is not goin to rain heavily. till then.. tata!
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