Sunday, September 28, 2003


without it there's no life, it is the essence of all living things, it differentiate our planet from the others in our solar system, it balances the environment, it maintains the world temperature, it also thought us many things from physics to biology to art to philsophy, it can start war when it is scarce...

but here u can see... water makes people either staying up late till morning, or go up early to bath, they suddenly have a sense of coorpertion in the search for water source, [that's something go0d right?] suddenly found that water IS important in their life, and not to take for granted.

but will they maintain this conscience for the next generation? well, i don't know. but from the lo0ks, it will stay just the same, until there are extreme draught that will change everyone's attitude toward water. but then again, i'm just a little people who knows little about the world.

- written when waiting for the water supply since the cut off due to some piping work. the water cut affected the Seberang Prai area until Pulau Pinang. wonder what kind of maintanence are they doing there..?

-ok enuff of that.. time to start revising. time is short.... much to do..
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