Thursday, September 25, 2003


just waiting for maghrib prayer time. i thought i could spare some time updating this blog. think i'll type on point form, since my mind aren't prepared to write an essay..yet. so here goes...

just testing my trusty 'ol digicam. that;s my desk, full of bo0ks & pApers, celebrating the Study WeEk. The thick white book is the construction management book, which you'll find more interesting to read than the lecture notes [ouch!], the pile of papers is collection of past year papers, quizzes, lecture notes and some do0dles. there u can see my final year project's references [the thick piled-up bo0ks], and the top of that, is the "Seni Beladiri" a monthly silat magazine. when you r studying u cannot let ur stomach empty [but careful not to fill it to the end.. u cannot really concentrate when ur stomach is full, the calling of the bed is really strong], so i bought some peanut butter with some bread. well not very smart way to concentrate, but that's how i do it.

-just finished 'Jedi Academy' single player missions, more fun than Jedi Outcast, since there are a lot of movements and new effects. but still it is the brushed up version of Jedi Outcast.
- The silat olahraga tournament ended wellll, with nobody sustained heavy damage. train hard people, for the next time there'll be more challanges than this one.
- just watched 'Full Metal PAnic Fumoffu' for the 4th time. this is the other version of fmp which details about the life of Sagara and chidori at shcool. not so 'ichii' but more on romantic and cute jokes.
- Burned a Cd of Naruto's Manga. i think i'll better read this one rather than buying 'Kreko'. the Kreko translation is very dumb and the paper quality mocks the beautiful art of Naruto [and so for the other mangas]

ok that's all.. gotta ready for tonight's prep. wassalam...
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