Monday, September 29, 2003


decided to sleep very early today.. about 10 pm [that's early for an average student], because i wanted to do some revision in the morning. aahh.. finally got up about 3 am. mmmm... the campus is strangely calm. i can only hear the sounds of da insects, and if i listen carefully, i can barely heard somebody talking few doors away. not many rooms still have their lights on. tomorrow is the 1st day of the eXams. there'll be the 1st year's papers tomorrow, along with other core subjects paper.

so its kinda like before the big war. everybody is resting for the tomorrow fight. all of em has one goal... to do the best in their exams, and hope to get the best marks.... its showtime! ganbate kudasaii!

to make things more interesting.. the water cut off is extended till tomorrow.. like anybody has guessed. seems like civil works never get to catch the real deadline, yeah.. due to many-many factors, which was 70% of it just an excuses. i wonder if that's the reason the building industry remains its rough, unorganized, outdated,lack of advance and discipline, and dangerous identity althought we are in the 21st century, where other countries view this industry the same as others such as computer, electrical or mechanical industry.

well that's just my piece of thinking.

just installed 'Temple Of Elemental Evil'. looks kinda interesting, since they used the dungeons and dragons 3.5 ruleset here. but most review set is as low rating because of other factor... well read it at or for the comments. i think i'll wait for the savegame crack patch first before continue playing.

yeah its the exam weeks, there are many things can take your focus away.... focus! focus!

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