Saturday, August 23, 2003


Sorry for more than a week of updates. 3 days before, the internet for desasiswa was shutted down for many reasons, mainly because of the wormblast virus that affects mainly winxp o/s. i don't really sure about other o/s. it makes ur pc restart every few minutes. thank god it doesn't effects the whole system and hardware drivers. for those who updates their windows early this month, their PC are safe from this threat.

this National day, i just planned to go home and rest for a while. but then again got the last minute call for a demonstration at Ipoh. limi and I will be playing 'tempur Parang 2 - Lembing'. this is the first time i'm going to fight against a lembing [sort of traditional javelin]. have to train more since the demo will took place [i think] at the padang majlis perbandaran Ipoh. after that there'll be a Majlis Penyampaian Bengkong at sekolah teknik branch ipoh, which we'll be playing the same tempur. it is a ceremony for those who pass the bengkong test during the last year till today. hope for the best then.

the final exam shedule is out now, the exam atmosphere is in the air. got to finish my literature review ASAP, since i've been delayed it for a quite long time.

i think that's all for now. need some rest, as it will be a hectic week [again] next week. wassalam....
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