Tuesday, August 12, 2003


tuesday morning starts with the stupid [well in some sense it isn't, but the way it did this time.. it does look stupid] fire drill. it takes too long for them to verify whether all of students are at the field, and then they just babbling to us about lack of responsibility and understanding of the importance of this drill. virtually, desa jaya got the fastest time for fire drill last time, but the real problem is, when it comes to real fire accident, the escape route are not very effective, it is because...

i- too many chokepoints, on the way to the field especially. on real events, i dont think ppl can escape quikly thru that route
ii- the corridor design pretty tight for more than 2 persons walk side by side, in case of emergency, at least 3 ppl can walk thru a corridor at the same time side by side.
iii- placement of exit not very strategic. i understand that the building was designed for a girls campus, but was it necessary to block the shortest path to the strategic places? while opening some useless one.

thats enuff for the fire drill bashing...


news after the Tournament
alhamdulillah.. all of the USM team won without challenge! all other perak daerah didn't send their representative to compete on the Jurus Wajib Putera and Masal event. automatically we got to compete on the National Silat Tournament near the end of this year. only Jurus Tunggal Putera got 3 participants for Perak Tengah and Lumut [if i not mistaken], but our rep managed to got thru it. congrats to all! work harder for the Nationals!

this time i got to see cikgu ayu, whom if any of u read 'Seni Beladiri', demonstrated female self defence in 'Panglima Hitam' column. she might look smaller in real than in the mags, but during her event - Solo Putri, she showed the best combination of strenght, swiftness and grace in tari solo a woman can made, at least for me. for all my silat experience, she is the best tari solo ever done by a woman. [well if she's not that good, she won't get the tittle 'cikgu', right?].

Thanks to all trainers from PSSGM Kinta, especially our coach, Cikgu Amin Hamzah, our master, Cikgu Ahmad Lazim (Ayah) and Mama, PSSGM secretary, MAk ngah, Pak Ngah as our last prep coach, Yong and her family, Cikgu Mokhtar, Cikgu Ayu, and other masters (cikgu) which i dont remember their names. thanx for the guidance and wisdom..!

to all the reps from Kinta and lastly for all the participants.. congrats for the victory and for those who aren't lucky, try again next time..!

that's all.. gotta study hard now... wassalam...
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