Wednesday, July 30, 2003

well it has been 3 days since we got back from the Pencak Silat Tourney in Universiti Malaya. well here's the results..
USM team got 2 bronzes in - Jurus Wajib Putra and Masal. the other categories didn't have much luck this time. Try harder next time, we'll beat 'em one day!

the olahraga team didn't even get to the first round. all of 'em just stuck because of lack of technique and understanding of the point system. the overall stamina is good, well not the best, but it sure didn't make us a 'punching bag' of the game. need more drilling in the combos and sweep techniques.

Congrats for the UM team for organizing such a grand tourney. hope they'll make it better next year. of course there are some of the things that had to be avoided for the next tourney, such as organizing the participants, lack of info of the tournament progress, the shcedule too packed and the ending ceremony looks like intended for those who are in UM only, not to celebrate all other contigent. some even annoyed because UM got the best contigent.. for me, it just polictical issues. if we protest or get annoyed of it, things just get worst. so just enjoy the game and do the best in your event.

this morning, wan got a call from mak ngah, the gayong perak secretary. this saturday there be a tournament for the kinta representative. the usm team is invited for various categories and this includes jurus wajib, masal, tempur putra, and olahraga. i'm not really confident for the olahraga, since we just got back from UM, and we didn't even started practicing yet. got about 4 days to train ourselves. hope nothing bad happened to us.. insya-Allah..

then again.. wish the USM team luck!
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