Monday, July 21, 2003


that's the word that expresses more than what it means.. it express tiredness, boredness, lazyness, unsatisfactory, uninterestedness, but all this has one thing in common, it expresses the negative emotion towards something. so if u ever want to strive to something, please don't say this word. it's not only effects how the people around you see you, moreover it will weaken your spirits and motivation.

the usm team training goes well, althought it is difficult to have the full attendence of the whole team at one training session. the art team, jurus wajib lack timing, the same goes to the masal team. the tempur duo lack of powerful pencak [defending and attacking techniques], the solo and jurus tunggal team can only practices by themselves, since we don't have somebody experienced enough to train them [except our beloved Cikgu, but he couldn't possibly come every training session held].

the olahraga team.. dunno what to say. we just train and train, hoping that we don't become a 'punching bag' during the match. our techniques still blunt, stamina below par and don't have much experience on controlling a fight. well, we just prepare, and hope for the best..!

spar with a new silat student, anip, who used to join silat olahraga before. got something from him, and he is such a good sparring partner [his weight is not much different than mine]. need to spar more with the others. again, wish us luck..!
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