Friday, July 11, 2003

it's 11 july.... still no updates of the web. i'm thinking of revamping it from the core rather than just modify it [like i used to do], but that surely take time. but then i'll find the time.

today two event takes place...

AGM of Majlis Penghuni Desasiswa Jaya
some call it the moment of truth for all the executives and the MT (Majlis Tertinggi), but for me, it's just another simple dialogue session with the MPDJ's and the PEnggawa (warden), and most of the answers and questions are predictable, because the residents of Jaya are passive as ever. since the campus moved to transkrian, the people become more and more passive. nearly fell asleep during the dialogue session.. due to no hot issues brought up.

anyway congrats to the x-MPDJ's Majlis Tertinggi.. to all excos'. hope we can still be friends after this. and for the new MT of MPDJ, good luck and all the best for the future of MPDJ!

Istiadat Mandi Tapak dan Seni
another ceremony of Silat Seni Gayong, which is intended for the new students. Well, u r not required to bath at the place, just doing some ceremony, with some oaths, and bath later at the hostel. mandi tapak is the preparation for the basics of gayong, like basic attacking and defence..etc, and mandi seni if for learning the advance skills of gayong, such as weaponry and advanced locking and unlocking.

Alhamdulillah.. the ceremony goes well, no incidents or something funny happened. but i'm really frustrated that i have to skip it to make way for the AGM. they say cikgu give some very2 interesting tips [petua] last night..sigh... maybe it just not my rezeki.. :(

other things...

Abg. Helmi, which had gone to UK (united kingdom.. not ulu klang ok?), chatted with me just before those two events. he's going to open a gayong class there, and now receiving about 12 new students. he sounded like he's having a lot of fun there, but surely he'll miss his hometown more, and more over his gelanggang here.. [just a wild guess]. hope to see u soon abe mie.. !

the project managing test last wednesday gone well.. althought i'm unable to answer all the q's, but still i'm satisfied because that's all i've studied.. well don't do this kids, or you will never get dean's list ever in your life.

oh no... delayed about my FYP (final year project's) literature review again! gotta skip playing and be more serious about my academic stuffs. ok guys.. see u later .. wassalam...
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