Friday, July 18, 2003

nearly a week with no updates.. am i too busy? or i'm beginning to neglect my own blog? or i'm just too lazy to do anything. [the 3rd answer is the most correct one..]

this 23rd till 27th of July, our PSSGM team was invited for the Silat Art and Olahraga Tournament [Silat Seni dan translation is very very bad lately] under Rakan Wajadiri project, maybe for the selection of MASUM team for Sukma this year. we were preparing for Jurus Wajib, Jurus Tunggal, Masal, Solo and Tempur, and 3 categories for Olahraga. all them are the boys team. the women team didn't have enuff preparation.

erm.. i think thats all for now.. tooo tired to think. wish us luck. i will update my blog with the news from the tourney [hopefully, some good news]

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