Friday, July 04, 2003


a new chapter
a lot happen since the last time i updated my blog. i try to make em short..

about silats..
Istiadat Mandi minyak Silat Gayong Malaysia
a ceremony which all the pesilat have to sapu the boiled coconut oil to their body and on Allah's will, it will bring good health and protection to pesilats whenever or whatever they are doing, especially on their training. sounds pretty scary? yeah most of the pesilat are scared at 1st, especially the girls, well after one of them passed the ceremony, and the other follows.. the ceremony become fun [althought it is not adviseable to make fun or jokes during this ceremony, all participants were required to read surah Al-Ikhlas all the time]. all the scare and awe face gone. hmm too much to tell during this ceremony. we got to know Mak Ngah, the secretary of PSSGM Perak, got to know our master, Cikgu Amin even better, and got new friends from all other gelanggang. after dinner, we got a short demo from the SUKMA team, and some from the UTP, Politek and USM. in short, all have a really good time, and i hope all of them got the 'khasiat' of this ceremony.

at last, after a week planning, we managed to hold an Annual Grand Meeting of PSSGM USM. i've been as the acting president [after 2 presidents quits.. no need to tell why] for too long, it's time for me to back off. the meeting goes well, and i really hope they will respect the new comittee for the sake of the society and silat. Alhamdulillah nothing went wrong. congrats to Ateng, Yon, Ita, Indah, Farah and Nuar as the new PSSGM comittee [oh yes, and so for Ca'a, Pijol, Jef and Farouk for becoming their batchs' representative]. May Allah lights your paths. insya-Allah.

Academic stuffs..
didn't have the time to meet my project's supervisor, mm i wonder if he ever get pissed off, not that i don want to, but i think i'm lacking the preparation to meet him..yet. it's stupid to go meet him empty-handed, since he got a really really limited time to entertain me. hope i got some time next week. Flunked the test again, dunno if doc will ever accept my answer for the subjective question. tomorrow i got to submit her assignment which is due next morning.. old habits die hard, especially the bad ones. got to start my study schedule aSaP.

MISc Stuff
Frozen Throne is oUT!! of course we got the gold edition [version 1.07], yeah, the pirate shop here never fails. some good mix of new strats here. till now there is no 'sure win' tactics yet. only some ppl like to mass a lot of tier 1 units and make sudden change to tier 3 units. i'll prove that strats is not unbeatable..just u wait..heheh

Lat finally gone home after stayed with us for almost a month. he got calls from his family members just to get him home. see u later LAt, next time, we want to taste ur gaji...! hheheheh

i think that's all.. got an 8 am class tomorrow. wassalam...
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