Friday, June 27, 2003

wow! a new interface for, kinda cute, well since i got a environmental paper test early tomorrow, i just make a quik update, and i'll try the new feats later on..

the demo at sek. tek. kerian went good, nobody was hurt, just some minor error during the event. for my case, my mind goes blank just before my turn, dunno why [lesson no.1, sleep early when u got a demo for tomorrow, or else u head goes blank]. thank Allah i just hurt my finger during blocking the parang swing. nothing serius. for my friend's case, his face went blue just after the warming up session [lesson no.2, never eat junk food + carbonated drink as breakfast just before a demo]. overall, it was a good performance by all the pssgm demo participants, congrats to all of ye.

at last, my final year project's proposal was accepted by dr. Azazi, the Redac director (dunno what his real post is). after nearly two weeks of finding the free time to meet him, at last i got the time to discuss furthermore about my project. but then since i didn't bring any lit. review yet, the meeting just going about 15 minutes.. well.. ok la kot.

today's training went good, althought the field is wet. hope all of them can maintain their skills.

ok that's all, got to study for tomorrow's test. wish me luck. thanx for reading. may Allah bless you..
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