Sunday, June 22, 2003

sorry for lack of updates.. again... i think i'll be writing the summary of three days event for a couple of weeks. well.. here goes...

start of a hectic day... wake up in the morning and packing all the exhibition items and bring them to our booth. then rushed to the lecture hall.. just to find the guards are fining those who parked under the the hall, have to park somewhere else.. after class.. rush to the photocopy center to make a copy of my training report, then rushed back to the booth just to find they don't set the pc yet. with the help of Ca'a, we managed to make the tv as our monitor [it's an old tv, somehow u hafta play with the settings], then rushed back to the hall..managed to escape the 2nd hour of the class.. and then had to prepare for the mini silat demo. alhamdulillah.. the demo went good, no serius injuries.
by the night.. it's time for the weekly training. some new students are joining our training, just show them the basics of silat. after that had to train and susun the demo for this 25th jun, the demo for the Pertandingan Silat Sekolah2 Krian. then we had to finish our training early just to make time for me and other final years to type and compile our report. ... rest about an hour..

mmm i'm going to start from 1200am of friday, tak tido lagi menaip repot, typing and printing until Subuh. after subuh i decided to take a quik nap.. which ended about 3 hour sleep. got up in a terkejut style, bersiap and rushed again to the photocopy center to bind my reports together. rush back to the school's admin office... just in time to submit my report. what a day....

the main event today is the dinner for the penutup minggu suaikenal per. kej. awam. they invited me for the main table..along with the deans, lecturers, and staff of the civil engineering skool. terharu and grateful for that. the overall dinner is good. with some drama performed by the juniors, Mirwan performing nasyid, and the most anticipated.. the sabahan band. i think they're good, but compared to what i've watched.. just average. tapi skill melayan audience tu ok la.

the other view of the dinner is.. it seems like a final year dinner to me. most of the tetamu is the 4th and some extend students. the other was the 2nd years.. the 3rd years? hmm.. boleh kira dgn jari. what's goin on between the batch? who knows... maybe it's becoz of my style of orientation makes them less respect their seniors? only God knows...

anyway congrats to Kamil.. the director for the dinner and the orientation week. can't wait for the Bukit hijau camping. see u guyz there!

Saturday and Sunday
rest and sleep.. write my blog in my dreams.... :)
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