Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Assalamualaikum... and a very good day ...
hmmm just noticed i wrote everything a day late.. the story of SPR should be for monday. well, since i only have the time for blogging around 12 am, so it's understandable if i post it as it is going on the next day. takpe la.. that's not going to effect anything big.. right?

summary of events
the day for any nominations to back off, of course there is procedure for this. since the lembaran election win just like that, i don't think there is a reason i should open the 'backing off' counter. but orders are orders. i have to prepare if anything wrong happen. nothing intersting happen during class, even for the geomatic class. after dinner, there will be the 'rapat umum' or what they call the nominees' speech time [hope i know the right english term for this]. i had to skip this for the 1st Gayong training. the attendance are good, we just recalling and perfecting the learned skills, from the basics to some advance technique. there will be a small silat demonstration held on thursday at our showcase in kafe lembaran. because the juniors aren't prepared for 'bidan terjun' demos [the time when u r unprepared to do certain task], only the seniors are permitted to do the demos. wish us luck

the first day of our gayong exhibition, along with us there is EAT (engineering adventure team) with their kayak (which i don't see it floating on the water since at Tronoh), and the election day for desasiswa jaya. althought our exhibition is small, we managed to plug the tv set to pc (my pc is the experimental pc) which make it more interesting and more happening (meriah?). the gendang silat song along with the demos from gayong selangor's interactive cd attract more people than i thought. many had taken the entering form, just wait for the submission later on...
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