Tuesday, June 17, 2003

another tiring day for me!
stayed up late last night to prepare the name tags for all the SPR (election comittee), waked up early in the morning just to sleep in the thinking methodology class.. from 8-10 am. rush back to the desa, stayed a while at the election nomination counter and rushing forth and back to the counter, the desa office and to my room, just to prepare the name tags. the nomination time ended about 12:30 pm, all the lembaran candidates won without a fight, so our job as the SPR ended, so did the name tags. well, at least some of the comittee appreciate the 10 minutes design :).

on the other side of the SPR, which is for my desa, there were some controversy goin on there. 2 candidates were disqualified because of some stupid mistakes.. or should i call an act of egoness.. whatever. hope they read the nominating rules and conditions before they do anything, whether it is for the intention of good or otherwise. please respect the SPR instituition.

after dinner, got to visit the civil engineering orientation programme, held in the class hall (dewan kuliah?). i arrived late, as the multimedia presentation had finished and the dean are going to give his speech. the attendance for this programme is low.. should i say not more than 50%. it is very bad for an official programme like this. hope they do something about it. it's too early to blame somebody .. yet.

finally, got to my room. felt little really tired, while writing this blog... my mind is clouded by various visions... could it be true? or i was just dreaming? or i really really need to go to bed now? mmm ok i think the 3rd option is the best. bye...
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