Monday, May 26, 2003

how's your weekend? this week got 2 jemputan kahwin. both at temerloh, about 5 minutes drive with car [despite with the road broadening works along temerloh]. the 1st one is Nurul Jannah and Nizam. dunno about nizam, but sure knows Jannah, a girl used to live at a flat house nearby, school at the same primary school, and for god knows reason she also got to SMA Al-Wosto, but transferred the very next year to SMA Al-Khairiah, which is nearer to her house. what a grad wedding, we [my parents and me] arrived just in time as the pengantin arrive. thought she doesn't change much, her face are much happier today than i saw it for a long time ago. Allah knows what;s in her heart. moga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu..:)

the second.. i don't really know this family, they lived at the new taman perumahan nearby. arrived near the end of lunch time, nasib baik tak kena cuci kawah..ehhehehe.

anyway, i got to see my friends whom i didn't see for such a long time. most of them dah keje dah, and even dah kawin/engaged. but some never changes till today, maybe changed where they live or work. most of them asked nearly the same question to me.."ko bila lagi nak kawin??" huh? did i look that old? nah.. tunggu rezeki dari Allah je la. althought at some point i do feel old... well.. almost.

next week will be the kenduri for my sepupu, which is just a year older than me. i was hoping to attend this one, since all my sepupu's kenduri were held when i got something big happening at the campus [exams, projects, quizzes... etc]. we got this believe [mm maybe superstituos..but its logic when u think about it], kalau tak p kenduri orang, nanti kenduri awok takde sape laa nak datang... risau gak noo..

utk kedua-dua pasangan tadi tu, aku doakan berbahagia dengan rahmat Allah sentiasa hingga ke anak cucu. amin..
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