Tuesday, May 27, 2003

aiyaaa... my blog make problem again maaa.. cannot open the templet so i can edit the error link on the archives <
ok, gone to kl today, went to pekeliling-masjid jamek-klcc-central market-mid valley-central market-kotaraya-pekeliling in about 7 hours, well it sort of normal for kl people tho. frustrated when the stock for Adidas Silat uniform just finished before i came. heard there is a tournament going on so they need new clothes. wow.. how lucky they are.. just participate in some tourney, u got free set of adidas silat uniform which costs about rm250++... but how about the quality of their silat? Allah knows, so let it be.

i hate living in a deadline.... 4 days until i gone back to campus, 11 days until the deadline submission of my practical report, and the latest is the digitialwebbing Archeon cover coloring competition, which due 6th of june. the more i think of the deadline the more unsemangat i become.. well just typed the report for 2 hours, but browsing the net for 3 hours ..(way to go ujang! keep it up!). need some energy... aaahh... fresh meat! (Diablo infamous voice of the Butcher. if u ever played it)
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