Saturday, May 24, 2003

hehehe got some critics for that design, maybe next time i'll do something better.

finally finished the submission for the perghzine. i will upload the comics by the next sunrise (umm.. maybe next after the next sunrise). hmmm i do think this one gonna get a lot of bad critics. well, if u don't face rejection, you'll never know what weakness u have, right? so go for it ujang! don't be afraid of rejection! rejection is just like those kicks and punches u had back then... it hurts and painful, but it will someday make u more mature and alert! go go go!

my sister is coming home today! yeaaY! another family weekend! perhaps the last one before i'm going back to campus at this 28th or maybe 2nd jun if i cannot escape from this kenduri [bad morale.. dont follow if u dont want ur kenduri will be isolated..heheheh]. gotta help my friend during this coming freshies orientation programme. if anyone happens to be a freshie at usm kampus kejuruteraan, welcome!, and have fun during the first 2 weeks.. hehehe u gonna miss it on your graduation day!
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