Wednesday, April 09, 2003

ok a quick update..!
for all usm students, the full results are out.. click here usm registry or here usm healthy campus . good luck everyone, and congrats for those who excels.. :D

yesterday was.. what should i call.. penat? tired of following the lab guys under Terratech Consultants, from Maran until near Gambang, but we were just cruising around in their Hi-Lux coz it was raining.. so none of the field tests can be done. hope today the weather is good... amiiin...

ok thats all.. got to makan and bersiap to office... ilal liqa' ..!
p/s: thanks for visiting my site & signing my gbook to laili and and murieng-wen,I will surf 2 ur site pretty soon, for those who are tired of writing a guestbook, try leaving a msg at the quik msg.. really appreciate that ..:D :D
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