Monday, April 07, 2003

how's ur day? got sun stroke masa nak balik tadi. pening gak pale, abis solat terus lelap sampai nak burn magrib. dah ok dah skang ni anyway.

today I followed an MTD surveyor, memang cepat depa setting total stesen tu, less than 1 minit. accuracy bacaan 0.0005, peh memang industrial standard, bukan standard student. point yg di ambik tu dekat2 half kilometer, atas bukit curam.dalam 60 degrees kot. next time came to MAran town, u'll see a very high hill, remember that i've been there [heh, nasib baik tak gayat]. taught something about SDR, software for surveying, very powerful, cannot found in pasar malam or any pirate outlets :D.

not much update, just put some [links] and [resources], need to revamp the [life] section, but still dunno what to put there...
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