Tuesday, April 22, 2003

hows your weekend? great? went to KL this Sunday and to my favorite place in KLCC.. kinokuniya! hehehe never walked out of this bookstore empty handed [ye laa duit pun empty lepas tu? huhuhuhu], bukan aku ni membazir, tapi hampir semua buku yang ada kat situ ada je direkemen kat internet, lagi-lagi tinggal satu je kat situ, aiseh sapa tak confuse.. buy or not to buy.

well after few seconds of self questioning, decided to buy this three books...
Flash to the core, about flash MX with an interesting view and ideas. this is the author's website .. praystation.com, u can see it for ur self.
How to draw manga.. compilation book three. in here most of topics covered are anatomy sketching, effects and props, they have another book about digital coloring.. which i knew after i've taken my bus ride home ..[sigh]..but one thing is.. all the writers are not japanese... well at least i understand what are they trying to say. :)
lastly.. not a book actually, DARKMINDS: Macropolis. comic book by the Chen sisters [jo & christen chen]. their coloring is... superb.. storyline is... engaging... i'm not bored reading it until now....
[next time i'll try not to stop by at kinokuniya when i'm at klcc..soooo many interesting things in theeere!..]

about my practical.. i think it's going to be a boring week. with 3 weeks remaining, i cant wait till it ends [oh yeah and I'll get my allowance too no matter what]. just sit at the office, and do some typing until i'm bored, draw some doodles until i'm sleepy... yeah it's boring to stay in the office doing nothing.

ok that;s all.. my english is getting worse.. maybe i'm tired..c u later
[live honor, die jihad]
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