Tuesday, April 22, 2003

still wondering how to make these archives.. always got an error message. it is becoz of my server? or it is becoz of my PC? i'll try browsing thru the forums after this..

today's at work... typing all day long, sampai tak tau nak taip apa. got some notes about Bridges and Structural Construction, anybody interested? email me ok? oh ye, learning sumthing about SDR, well the software used for plotting and designing earth profile [sort of] from the surveying data. with this software u can plot, design, even do some calculation on mass soil for levelling, and designing some cut slopes. it's a very powerful tool for engineering design [dan jgn harap dapat jumpa ka Pirate, i've search for it, tak jumpa..] i'll put some screenshot whenever i got my hand on the engineer's PC.. just wait ok?..
my freind here dok buat progress chart from 9 to 5.. dunno what so important about that chart sampai dia skip lunch, the meeting for building progress is about 2 days ahead.. so why rush? dunno lah.. let him be

no updates today.. i think for a week. well, saspen gak sebab my lecturer is going to visit us this saturday. mm wonder how it'll be? i hope the MTD people here don't make any problem on that day. nak gaduh ke nak bertekak ke do it on Friday or Sunday.. Saturday is peace day for everyone... i hope.
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