Saturday, April 19, 2003

3 days of no updates? well this practical thing has consumed more and more of my time. nak tulis repot in from english to malay is not an easy task. kalau senang dah lama dah siap yang oii..

went to mentakab last night, now they call a game arcade .. pusat simulater [?]. well, nothing new there, accept fo KOF 2001, which i don't really like becoz of too many characters. played tekken 3, challanged a button masher :D who used Jin Kazama. doing the variation of Lei's tactics he gave up even before the game ends.. kesian pulak.

interesting links
malay historical site .. ok maybe he had some political issues in it. tapi baca isi je lah, take whatever good and buang yang keroh ok?
Julie dillon's daydreamer - she's a girl, born in '82, but her strokes and coloring is.... dunno what to say lah. aku dok ingat dia ni dah tua dah! she wrotes tuturials on CG and human anime anatomy drawing, and her sites has been recomended by many anime sites.. muda2 lagi dah power.. memang berbakat

ok nak sambung taip repot, put some suggestion b4 u leave.. ok? c u later
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