Friday, April 04, 2003

Hi.. just updated a few things on the web..
- some addition in [links], [arts]
- try to change some graphics, damn i'm rusty with wacom right now

today we were goin to the labs, where they take all the samples from the site and make some tests, like sieve test, California Bearing Ratio, Proctor Test, Concrete test and some other I dont remember [or I don't know]. guys from the lab are quite at first, probably because of our [maybe my friend's] very formal approach to them. after a lame attempt to break the ice [yeah, took some pictures, asking stupid questions, etc etc], those guys are sure was cheerful, just like bila aku lepak kat luar lab nun. but somehow i realized there are sooooo many things i dont know. yeah sure i've done all those test, but these guys can tell the results just by looking at the samples, and doing the tests just to confirm it. they all got my highest respek! althought diorang nih segan lagi dgn aku [coz i'm a USM student? hey come on lah! nothing spesel daa..] but somehow depa ni memang power.

after solat jumaat, yeah the usual at the office, no mood of work, all the staff just sit and chat with each other. well, ada la benda pelik, since anyone don't speak of what to do in the weekends.. becoz the Sultan is coming for site visit.. lucky for us the practical student don't have to attend that formal meeting with the royals, if not.. penat la kena pakai semat2 and sit under the sun for few hours, to greet them...!

ok i'm going to upload some of articles and labs regarding today's issue, just check under [resources] ok?
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