Thursday, April 03, 2003


another tiring day, got up late again, rushing to the site office, fell asleep while reading newspaper, and then got a chance to drive the Jeep on our own. we got to escort a group of environmental engineer, the one that builds septic tank, sewerage etc. from the Maran layby [forget the name lah] and then jalan2 until we reach the Gambang toll plaza. abis kodak ari ni, must buy a new one tomorrow. i think we learnt too much today, and too tired to wrote it down the log book. tomorrow's goin to be another tiring day, we have to spent the whole day in the Consultan'ts lab. my eyes getting smaller.. i can feel it..

updated the web, maybe a little on the art section. this week nak pegi pc fair kuantan, got some family matters, but i can only bring not more than rm200. mmm buy a box of diskette and get out before my eye catch something very tempting on that day..

here's an interesting link... [clicik] try it for about 8 times, and u know how it works..

about the iraqi war.. all we can do is just solat and doa.. is the time when we can take actions.. is still far away? Allah Almighty knows..
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